Aleta Gudelski

New Work: Pastel and Oil Paintings begun at my recent residency at The Vermont Studio Center. View New Works Gallery

"I cannot change the world, but I can create quiet centers within my art where others may consider its meaning." - Aleta

Welcome to ArtWorks by Aleta a unique collection of inspired paintings in oil, watercolor and pastel by Connecticut artist, Aleta Gudelski. I trust you will ponder and take pleasure in the landscapes, still life and expressive abstract paintings in the portfolio and gallery pages.

Artist’s Statement

Painting is my interior response to the world around me. I am driven, sometimes with passion sometimes with deep concern by the beauty and power, of the created world and its effect on man. My work continues to be a journey of letting go of myself and allowing the Divine to work through me and through my brush to capture images that reflect peace, at times tension and frequently subtle challenges. The Subject of my work most often reflects everyday life and encounters I experience as a woman, artist, mother, and teacher.

The words of Piet Mondrian summarize my journey as an artist. “The role of the artist is humble. He (She) is essentially a channel."

"Humanity is surrounded by divine art. My life's work has been an artistic adventure to capture these images of joy bringing pleasure and occasionally, introspection to one's heart, mind and spirit." - Aleta



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